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One of my friends came to the USA to learn English and possibly study in a graduate school afterwards. He applied for an English language school to improve his English and he got accepted. He got a student visa through the English language school at a University which is a very good language school. He was so excited to come to the USA to study and improve his English. He first enjoyed his English study. But it did not last long due to unexpected obstacles which he faced on daily bases. One of the hardest ones was that he thought that attending classes would help him to improve his English. However, in his reality, it did not happen the way he expected. It lasted about three months. After that, he lost his interest in learning English and began to miss his classes.
He started to lose his dream which led him to the USA. His enthusiasm began to dramatically decrease and his complains in almost everything started to increase

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. Since he missed too many classes, his language school sent him a notice letter. However, he did not pay any attention to the letter. He kept missing his classes even after receiving the letter from his school. His school sent another notice letter to him. He did not care because he thought that it would be fine since he paid his tuition in full for the semester. He received third notice letter from his school about 3 weeks after the second one. The third letter notified him that school had sent a report regarding his absence to INS.
Even this was not enough for him to pay his attention. He did not even care to contact his school or talk to his friends who could help him. Another three or four weeks had passed until he received a letter from INS. The letter indicated that his student visa has terminated and he had to leave the United States of America in the next certain period of time. This letter finally caught his attention which was too late for him to do anything but leave the USA.

Yes, it is not easy to go to a foreign country to study in a different language. A lot of you found it so hard and decided to go back to your home countries in the middle of your study. It is just too much for you to handle all of obstacles alone. In case of my friend, the letters he received were also obstacles which required him some unfamiliar tasks. Tasks which he had never done before at home. It is not only different language, but also different culture.

However, if you currently are in the USA, you may want to look around you and find some help or you can visit coach Ben at Coach Ben had studied in the USA and in Australia. He succeeded both his studies in these countries. His coach is very easy and effective. He does it in three steps. You definitely do not want to give up and go back your home without accomplishing any of your dreams. You came this far and you can go even further.

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