Be A Good Model (re-post by request)

Be A Good Model
I fully aware that it is not an easy task to be a good model as a leader or parent for that matter. Some may say that it is important to be a great speaker/presenter to be a good model as a leader. Others may say, “No, being a great speaker is not a necessary element for a good leader, but it is about a leader’s content and value(s).” I would think that if a leader has both of them, it would be wonderful. However, in reality as we all know, it is very rare for a leader who has both. Most leaders have either the one or the other. I do know some leaders who have both but with malfunctioning content and value(s). We certainly do NOT want our leader(s) to have any kind of malfunctioning content or value(s) for that matter. Through out our world history, we have already had one too many.
So, it is either a great speech skill or value(s) and content. As we know that a great speech emotionally melt people down

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. They are easily falling into honey. Once, they are falling into the honey jar, nothing is matter any more, but honey. However, it is not going to last long. Because honey is sticky and causes you a tummy ache after all. By the time you get out of the honey jar, there is nothing but the sticky mass and disappointment which can possibly lead you into an abandoned empty jar.
In contrast, value(s) and content is not very attractive at all. It neither has the sweetness like honey, nor the stickiness that can hold people like honey. It is like chores. Necessary and yet bored. However, once you finished your chores, you know that you will earn joy which you can only taste and enjoy. It usually last long with a continuing pleasure in your heart. It leads you into a real world where you can see and meet with a genuine world jar. In it, we can also find our own content and value(s).
Sweet, sweet honey fades, but genuine content and value(s) stand and enlighten others’.
I think it is not that hard for a leader/parent to be a good model as long as he/she keeps and stands with genuine content and value(s). Because a good leader is not a super hero, but a genuine person just like anybody else.

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