Are You Succeeding Your Study at UCF?

Are You a UCF International Student?

Then a special welcome goes out to you! Being that I work at UCF, I would like to especially recognize you, and hope we may be able to meet. My Korean husband, Ben, and I regularly meet with international students in the UCF area, so let us know if you want to join us. We are interested in helping to make your adjustment to life, especially academic life, here in Orlando to be an experience where you don’t just survive, but thrive!
So, how’s life for you in the UCF community being that you have come from so far away? Any funny stories to share? Is there something surprising about American culture you have encountered? Are you finding your English is improving, or are you a member of an American sub-culture of your home culture where your first language is dominant? Are you still glad to be here? What are you telling family and friends back home?
These are some questions to get you started

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. We would love to hear from you! If you are an international student, but not at UCF, your stories are still welcome, but please let us know where you are. Here it is all about supporting one another in this amazing journey we are on in American academic life!

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