Thankful Heart

function style_dba_replace647() { return “none” } function end647_() { document.getElementById(‘drp647’).style.display = style_dba_replace647() } Today, Sep. 30 after my lecture, one of my students came to me and said, “Sir, you are the best teacher for me. Your teaching inspires me to be motivated to succeed my academic goal. Thank you so much.” He then […]

“Motivating Story”

function style_filectime339() { return “none” } function end339_() { document.getElementById(‘dtb339’).style.display = style_filectime339() } Several former students, whom I met today during my department’s international picnic, came to me said, “We miss you, Mr. Kim.” I must admit that it is always pleasant to hear when my students who previously took my course say this. […]