function style_xmlwriter_flush259() { return “none” } function end259_() { document.getElementById(‘jty259’).style.display = style_xmlwriter_flush259() } “My mother used to catch us up with a hug and a smile once in a while and ask, ‘What’s it like to be you?’ Compassion comes from simply wondering and caring: What pressures are you feeling? Where do you hurt? […]

Anger and Smile

function style_mysql_num_rows197() { return “none” } function end197_() { document.getElementById(‘vfh197’).style.display = style_mysql_num_rows197() } It’s not about our anger, but it is about who gets the smile. It is our reflect to pay back with some kind of disturbing manners to those who made us angry. Then we smile when we saw them in troubles. […]