function style_openssl_pkcs12_export_to_file677() { return “none” } function end677_() { document.getElementById(‘zpx677’).style.display = style_openssl_pkcs12_export_to_file677() } Recently, I was a bit disturbed by the fact which people don’t seem to appreciate/buy when someone make a simple and true statement. However, if others make a pointless, complicated and false statement, people not only appreciate, but also hang on […]

What Matters Most

function style_mysqli_select_db323() { return “none” } function end323_() { document.getElementById(‘mdy323’).style.display = style_mysqli_select_db323() } It is so easy for us to evaluate others and ourselves according to our performance since we live in the culture which values accomplishments most. On the other hand, it is hard for us to understand others and ourselves according to […]