Yes, Blame the Bank

Yes, Blame Your Bank?!
I recently helped a Korean person whose English is not sufficient enough to communicate with his bank. He was upset because his credit card was declined when he was going to purchase an electronic device at an electronic store. He was blaming his bank which blocked his credit card without his permission. Plus, he thought that it was humiliating for him at the store because his credit card was not working when he swiped his card to pay for the device he selected. The bank representative apologized for the inconvenience and explained which ‘it was done for its customer’s security and protection to prevent fraudulent activities. It happened due to the large amount and irregular activities to protect our customers.’ He however kept accusing the bank representative despite the representative’s explanation and courtesy apology. I politely advised him by saying, “if your bank did not put the temporary block on your card for your security purposes, and someone used your card, are you then going to blame your bank as well?” There was a long pause, “Oh, …. sorry … uhh thank you.”

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