Ben Kim 3 Step Breakthrough

Your Life In 2013!

By Making Appropriate Decisions!
Through Ben’s 3 Step Breakthrough Coaching

It begins With You. Ben Kim’s 3 Step Breakthrough, “Identity,” “Vision” and “Success” focuses on your life and personal development. It is not only personal and inspiring, but also leads you to make appropriate decisions and have a life driven career.

Make Appropriate Decision Coaching Specializes:
Consults Cross-Cultural Understanding In-Depth
Designed for including but not limited to people, living in either Asian Countries especially in Korea or USA as foreign professionals or businessmen, planing and/or operating cross-cultural businesses, individual business owners, leaders, immigrants, unemployed/employed and who desire to understand cross-cultural issues better to make appropriate decisions for your successful career and life

Your Korean Advocate: On your side, Help interprete likelihood of success/failure with Korean clients

Offers Tools for Successful Study in the USA
Designed for including but not limited to overseas students who desire to obtain higher degrees and those who are planning to study in the USA to build better career opportunities

Provides Appropriate Ministry Decision Making Coaching
Designed for including but not limited to seminary students, minister candidates, church leaders and current ministers


These are some contents which included in your package you selected.

  • Road Checks for Accomplished Benchmarks
  • American Life Style
  • Building Effective Team Network
  • Culture Shock: Enhancing Cultural Understanding
  • Discovering/Rediscovering Yourself
  • Establishing Effective Vision
  • Understanding Your Own and Others Life Style
  • Goal Setting for Successful Life
  • Finding and Retaining Effective Talents
  • Developing Appropriate Plan

You will receive a personal and inspiring coaching.

The Effective and Experienced Life Coach Who
Builds Your Personal Foundation to Make Appropriate Decisions for a Successful Life

Never Give Up...

Never Give Up...

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Client Recognition: Genuine, Personal and Inspiring

I would like to serve you as your Life Coach, which means I would like to assist you in achieving your best and living your life better. Contact me for your better and improved life!
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I will stand by you while I coach you along with your vision to establish your core values to achieve your goal at your best.

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