Blessings Like …


Saturday, Sept. 15 boys had soccer games. They were their second games for the season. All had enjoyed their games and two of them won their games including Karson and Jonathan. Ian’s team did great as well. But other team was stronger than his. By the end of the day, I almost lost my voice again. Ian said, “Dad, I know you like to yell to help us. But you got to keep your voice.” Well, I smiled and played with him for a while. It was great and fun. During Jonathan’s game it rained a lot. Boys did not mind the rain and kept playing in the rain. Everyone including all parents got wet. The rain water was dripping from every body’s faces and clothes. All had a lot of fun.

When God blesses us he does it like the pouring rain. He would pour His blessings upon us as if He pours rain on us. It makes us speechless, but say thank you God in awe.


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  • Beautifully expressed. I wonder sometimes if we miss God’s blessings because we are looking for something else — like a great score. ;-)

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