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It could be a struggle for many of us to contact a life coach to get some life advice and/or coaching. Many of us might think, “Why in the world would I need a life coach telling me what to do?” On the other hand, it may not be like what we think. Getting life coaching is like putting the icing on the cake.

Let’s think about a professional football player. He needs a coach not because he does not know how to play, but instead because he knows it far better than anyone else. That is why we call him a professional player. When he plays there are so many things he sees, and yet many other things he cannot see, but his coach sees it all. So, the coach can advise him to play in more effective ways using what he already has.

Getting a life coach is like this as well. One of my clients, Hung, who is very bright and smart was at first very nervous about getting a life coach and learning English. He has been completing his study for his Ph.D. in the top university in his country. He wanted to discover and rediscover his talents for his academic vision in the future which included improving his English. He was also thinking, planning and dreaming of going to Cambridge University in England in the future. For quite some time, he prepared himself for these goals, and I helped him through my coaching.

He currently is in Cambridge University in England for his Ph.D. research study. Despite achieving this dream, he continues to be under my coaching. We will continue our coaching conference calls via Skype, and it is my honor to watch him reach this amazing accomplishment. Where will he go and what will he do next? I am looking forward to watching, guiding and encouraging him on!

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