This Is The Time!

Yes, this is the time to say thank you for…..
I thank God for my wife and three boys. They have been with me all the time. No matter how I feel or what I have been through. They are there with me and for me. This time last year, we went through a very difficult time. But they were there with me. I thank God who gave me my wife, Karen and three boys. I also thank Him for my family in S. Korea who comforted me and my family by helping me. I am thankful for my friends who have been not only with me and my family, but also helped us during the difficult time.

This is the time to set apart some time to say thank you to those who were with you.

2 comments to This Is The Time!

  • Karen

    I’m overwhelming thankful for you and our precious boys, too! I love you all!!!

  • Karen

    Don’t forget our amazing friends in Taiwan as well! They were and continue to be an unspeakable blessing in our lives. I’m so grateful the Lord has answered their prayers for a child, too.

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